[Contributors to syllabus development: Qian Cao, Jens Haas, Anthony Dyson Hejduk, Wooseok Kim, Tahlia Pajaczkowska-Russell, Katja Maria Vogt]


PHIL GR9180 Approaches to Applied Ethics: Philosophy of AI

COMS W2702 AI in Context

Team-taught, interdisciplinary class, Fall 2024

From the course description:

This team-taught, interdisciplinary class covers the history of AI, the development from Neural Networks (NNs) to Large Language Models (LLMs), philosophy of AI, as well as the role of AI in music and writing. Four sessions are devoted to foundational philosophical questions that bear on AI. Session 1: Can we ascribe beliefs and intentions to AI? Can LLMs speak? Can they lie? Session 2: Can AI be aligned with human values? What is explainable AI (XAI)? Session 3: What makes an AI โ€œfairโ€? How does fairness relate to accuracy and other values? Session 4: How should LLMs deal with generics? What about social generics and bias?